public relations


public relations

Your public persona should be highly reflective of your personal values. That's what a brand is after all ... a set of values. Managing how others perceive your brand is a job, make no mistake. While some entrepreneurs are infinitely capable of doing so seamlessly, others are not. Similar to other life skills {cooking, driving, managing money}, sometimes we need to hire people more capable than we are to manage the important things in life. 

We take a limited number of clients on a long term basis, working primarily on a short term, contract basis, to develop the key components required for a strong foundation. Decades of business experience have provided the winning formula for managing your brand. JBD also excels in the crisis management space. While we'd like to think everyone is clever enough to avoid major conflict in business, we know from experience that business, like life, will throw major shade on occasion.

Don't worry; we have it handled.

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business consultations

full service public relations 

branding + brand management

social responsibility development + management

success coaching {personal + professional development}


People don’t care what you do. They care  W H Y  you do it.   {thank you Simon Sinek!}

What is your W H Y ?


Pricing available upon request. Initial consultants available at $375 p | 45 minutes.

lifestyle design

lifestyle design


What works in your life? What doesn’t? Let’s talk about it.
Your life is not meant to be lived by default. It is meant to be lived by design.I can provide solutions for any scenario. Consider me a filter, if you will. An impartial set of expert eyes and ears to help craft the best version of your life.I work primarily with over-worked, over-committed people who are tired of feeling tired and ready to make changes. Yes, I work with men too. I also work with families. As a single mother and multi-passionate entrepreneur, I know what the mechanics of life look like at full speed.


What do you want? What are your deepest desires? What rocks your core? Because that’s where we start. Whether you are at home or on the go, you should be surrounded by, and invested in, what brings you joy. All things said, working with you to design your ideal lifestyle is my passion.I am 100% committed to helping others live the life they deserve.

So, what exactly do I offer?

Social Responsibility Consulting. What happens to one of us affects all of us. I believe that it is our responsibility to play a role in advancing the lives of others and to amplify the great work of as many innovators and disruptors as we can. After all, that’s how we make things happen. Bold moves + brave choices. We are all capable of giving more.

I help people design the life they want. Personal & professional coaching, brand management & lifestyle design. I work with individuals, groups, and organizations worldwide. 

Public Relations + Brand Management. I work to amplify your best work & cultivate relationships that allow you to make the impact you were designed for. 

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