I had the starched, traditional life once, and a successful business that made good money. On the outside it looked great. On the inside it felt like shallow routine. I wasn’t doing anything that mattered longterm, and eventually it shook me hard and swiftly to make sweeping changes in my life.I wasn’t happy. Something didn’t feel right. And if I wasn’t living the very best version of me, whose version was I living? And why?



I decided to get serious about designing my ideal life. I chose to take the leap to do something I absolutely loved: helping people create their purpose driven life. And it was the best decision of my life to date. Well, maybe the second best {my children and a former Mr. will read this}. But you get the point.

All things said, since entering the world of entrepreneurship almost two decades ago, the business of people has become a passion of mine. I am determined to help others do what they were meant to do, and live the lives they are designed for.I am wildly in love with designing a life rich with intention and free of static.

Since starting Joanna Bailey Designs I’ve created:

+ A successful coaching practice that helps people understand their full potential and pursue their purpose. My personal approach to coaching enables business owners to enrich their brand and create depth of culture, translating to market growth and increased profitability.

+ A national women’s organization, @WomenWhoRISE, that amplifies the work of visionary women making things happen for others. Founded in 2013, WWR has already featured more than 80 remarkable women and 30 powerful organizations serving people worldwide.

+ A magazine, currently in digital format exclusively, read by women in 28 countries in its first year of release! I started RISE on a little Macbook original. We call it The Little Engine that Did. Prayers made that machine operate. True story. I had no idea what I was doing at first, and with each issue I have learned more, but it is the most fun I have ever had, collaborating with incredible featured contributors, and through this platform our readers are connecting with intelligent, meaningful content that celebrates the work of others. We believe that being a conscious provider of information matters. 

+ A lifestyle brand with more than 3.5M views in the past three years. Launching Women Who RISE, and RISE, a modern guide for the purpose driven woman, was the biggest leap of faith I have ever made professionally. But at my core, I know that creating more positive space in the world is at the top of my life’s purpose list.

+ A host of high profile commercial real estate projects focused on purposeful + intentional design concepts. While not a formally trained designer, I envision differently, and many people have found my approach to design both fascinating and productive.

+ Tech. I have been consulting on varied tech projects in the past two years, from SaaS products to software. I currently have a community driven platform in design, with launch scheduled early 2018. 

+ Time, space and freedom to create a life I truly love that allows me to be a mother first, without exception, and give back to others. I also travel when I can, because hey, life is short and I am a gypsy at heart.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to countless people around the world in the past few years, rubbed elbows with incredible people {we don’t name drop around here} and, most importantly, have felt a deep sense of fulfillment in the work that I do.

Don’t get me wrong—it takes work. Hard work. Elbow grease. Sacrifice. Deep breaths. On occasion, a really good cry. Copious amounts of iced coffee. And unshakable faith when the doubt creeps in {we ALL feel doubt; you aren't alone}. But the rewards? They are countless. I didn’t get here from rich or famous parents, or by having an “in” in the industry—I got here because I hustle my ass off.

And let me tell you: It has been worth every last bit of effort. Make no mistake. Being able to live the life I dream of is an investment.

Living + working for what matters most to me?