Secret obsession? Food Trucks. 

Favorite place? Wherever I'm plugged into what matters most to me.  

Biggest vice: Good chocolate, laughter & iced coffee. 

You may cry if: we play Scrabble. {Monopoly is officially banned from our house.} 

Pour Me a Drink: Veuve Cliquot! 

Must have device: iPhone. 

Paper or Digital? Paper please

Biggest Rush? Too many to list. Wait... Love.

Camping or Luxury Travel? Anything but tents and/or air mattresses! 

Spicy or Mild? Ooooh Spicy

Dance or Sing? Both! 

Things I always have with me:  a journal, a great book, sunscreen, iPad Mini, pens, lipgloss, eyelash curler, business cards, mints! I don't travel light.

I am: Southern. Determined. Curious. Loyal. Fearless. 

Dream: to play a role in ending the world water crisis. Build homes in third world countries. End famine. Pursue justice for those unable to defend themselves.

Biggest fear: a year in a Buddhist monestery. I love to talk!

In my spare time I: some say hunt prey. I like to say I actively seek opportunities to advance great brands + individuals. I also love to cook, play, read and am an avid traveler.

If I'm MIA: you'll find me on a beach of the tropical variety.

My priorities: family, love, purpose, health, joy.

What blows my skirt up: people who L O V E what they do and can’t stop sharing their joy. Great stories! Amazing food. Funny people. Lightening bugs. The insatiable pursuit of goodness.

Tech is: ahhh, my nemesis. All Apple, all day thank you.

Best advice: My grandmother always said “You can be right or you can be happy.” As with so many things, history has proven her correct.