"You rock my world girl. A good part of my success was due to you believing and seeing what I couldn't and "covering" it in your magazine. A HUGE thank you for believing in me and being one of my best supporters."  Barbara Viteri, Host of Designerlebrity Talk & Owner Viteri Style Management

"Joanna is a very creative and talented media planner. She managed to handle a number of group and individual wants/needs and create a very savvy media plan for our multiple outlets. She also had a number of marketing ideas and plans we have been able to integrate. She is well versed in all social media & public relations. I would consider her an asset to any company and would utilize her skills in any future project." William Rienks, CFBE, Hilton Worldwide

"Joanna is a woman for all women. Her uniting spirit is a force that will change the trajectory of generations of women to come. In a time when it is vital that women stand up, lead and unite, Joanna is at the forefront championing the movement!"  Vonae Ayoub, Educator & Author

"From the moment I met Joanna, I knew she was going to make a difference in the world. She does not think small. Her vision is laser beam focused and ambitious and everything she tackles, she does in a BIG way. Her eye for design reflects the class and talent she naturally possesses. She is truly a gifted soul. I have had the honor of working with Joanna and feel blessed to call her my friend."  Peggy Rosenbrock, Manager, Orenda International

"When you're in the restaurant business you meet a lot of people. Joanna brings a passion and energy that is rare. Her love for life is only matched by her desire to share your work with as many people as humanly possible {although, I'm not sure she's human}. Maybe the best part of working with her was that not only did she impact our business in a highly profitable way, she also touched everyone who worked for me. Regardless of how long you work together, Joanna will leave you better than when you met her." Richard Markus, Ling & Louie's Denver

"Let's not beat around the bush, a wedding is full of 10,000 emotions, love being the foundation, but then there are all the expectations and hopes merging with 100,000 details. A woman brave enough to throw herself into the position to manage all that as your emissary is a brave and steady soul! Joanna does all that and is still smiling at the end of the day. A mother's shoulder to cry on, a drill sergeant’s discipline, and the patience of a saint - all on one day, your wedding day. I've seen her stand politely when confronted with undeserving criticism. I've seen her give of herself and make two deserving soldiers a true 'dream wedding'. While Joanna is retired from the wedding industry, these qualities are rare, so, whatever your need, hire her immediately!"  Neil Cowley, Multimedia Artist & Professional Photographer

"Joanna Bailey is a force to be reckoned with. And to my delight, she is a force for good. She believes that women can play nice AND succeed, and then she shows the truth of this principle by living it every day. She is kind, upbeat, energetic, and utterly relentless when it comes to living her dreams. I have been honored to write for the Women Who Rise website and RISE magazine, but I am more honored to be called Joanna’s friend. She is one of those amazing people who make the world better every day." Anne Riley, Author

"I have witnessed Joanna outwork and outperform many self-proclaimed experts and professionals across an array of disciplines. Having personally worked in the management consulting space myself, I've often noticed that many clients want you to make their ideas work the way they want them to work, not how they need to work. This mindset leads to incremental changes with no real breakthroughs - if you're serious about innovative ways to succeed and you want a no bullshit advisor who will generate real alternative strategies, then Joanna's your girl."  Tom Stoner, Enterprise Crisis Management + Professional Strategist

"Joanna is awesome! She is personable and smart with a great sense of humor. I just wish she was still in Colorado! I've worked with Joanna both as a wedding planner, business consultant and as an organic garden advisor. She and I put an organic vegetable garden into my yard in Vail, Colorado! Anyone who can grow vegetables at 11,000 feet has magical powers. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in any capacity." Jenifer Hammond, Director of Happiness at I DO! Vail